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TimingApp - Mac Time TrackerTimingApp 1.0.1, an automatic time logging solution for Mac OS X, is now available in the Mac App Store from EUROCOMP. TimingApp shows where the time spent on the Mac has gone - completely automatically. Each initiated app, each edited text, each accessed homepage will be recorded, along with the time spent working on it. At the end Timing displays for how long the user has actually been engaged in those projects - but also how much time was wasted.

The app Timing brings the control back into working with the Mac. It is perfect for anyone who would like to know exactly how much time was spent on various projects at the computer. It also applies to those who think they may be wasting too much time on the computer - for example on Facebook, playing games or surfing the web.

TimingApp Feature Highlights

⇒ Keeps track of work done on the Mac
⇒ Measures the time spent on various projects
⇒ Works completely automatically, does not need to be started manually
⇒ Individual work may be assigned to specific projects
⇒ Shows needless wasting of time on the Mac
⇒ Introductory Price: 9.99 Dollar

Many time-tracking-tools require the user to manually set a timer to let the app know when to record a project. The app Timing goes a different, much more convenient way. It automatically records all projects that take place on the Mac. It associates each project with the invested time and captures that information in a list.

Timing remembers for example accessed programs, text and data files that have been worked on, as well as visited homepages. Subsequently entries from the list may be assigned to various projects by simply using copy and paste. The app even suggests preliminary project categories but it is of course always an option to come up with someone's own. Anyone self-employed will be able to show exactly how much time was invested in various tasks on which days.

How much time is being wasted on Facebook?

Timing not only helps to increase the actual working hours, it assists in taking our own behavior on the computer under critical evaluation. We have all wondered occasionally how much time we really spent each day on Facebook, Google , Twitter or Xing - on gimmicks or airless surfing of the web.

"Anyone who notices after a few days of self- observation that he is wasting way to much valuable time each working day on unnecessary things, should face that frightening fact and rethink the way he works. Our app Timing can help to structure the working day much more efficiently. That alone is worth the money for the app." — Daniel Alm, developer of Timing

Timing makes a point to protect the privacy of the user. All collected date is stored on the Mac - not on a server in the internet. Certain activities may be excluded from tracking and individual entries can be deleted at any time from the log.

For a limited time, TimingApp 1.0.1 is offered at the introductory price of $9.99 USD and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

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Developer: Thomas Osthege und Daniel Alm
Price: $9.99 Download on the App Store

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