Tiny Ninja Dash - Battle for the Bridge - Going Free Sept 7th

Ninja Clash Run 2: Best Fun Smash Ninja-Go Star Flick Hit Race Game (AppStore Link)
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Ninja Clash Run 2: Best Fun Smash Ninja-Go Star Flick Hit Race Game
Developer: Loretta Cheron
Price: free Download on the App Store

GR8iPhoneGames is setting Tiny Ninja Dash Free this weekend so that everyone can play this highly addictive game. The game is so intuitive that one can simply open up the game and start playing. There are no in-app purchases so it truly is a free game!

Set against the backdrop of Mt Fuji - you must get control of the bridge on this very cold, windy, winter day. You must join forces with the good ninjas to prevent the evil ninjas from crossing the bridge and getting to the other side. Your only weapon - the ninja throwing star or shuriken.

It takes skill and practice to hit the ninjas with the throwing star as the wind will affect the trajectory. And beware of evil ninjas disguised as rice patty workers - it will take 2 hits to knock them off the bridge. And if one should escape to the other side - you will have lost a life. BUT if you hit 5 ninjas in a row - you can gain that life back! But the real trick is to not hit any of the good ninjas that you have joined forces with because if you do - you will lose that life too.

Players will be able to show off their throwing star skills to their friends via the GameCenter Leaderboard. Be the best Ninja Warrior in your group of friends. This fun and addicting FPS game will make you want to come back for more and compete with your friends.

For a limited time, Tiny Ninja Dash 1.0 is free this weekend and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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