TinyTap Launches Free iPad App - Create Educational Games for Kids

TinyTap, make and play educational games and interactive lessons (AppStore Link)
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TinyTap, make and play educational games and interactive lessons
Developer: TinyTap Ltd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

TinyTap, Moments Into Games 1.0 allows parents and their kids the opportunity to turn the moments they share together into personal educational games. Creating a game is super easy - add a photo, record some questions, trace the answers and you're ready to play! Every time your kids plays a game, they will hear the voice of someone they love playing with them. In addition, any games you create can easily be shared with your loved ones or with the world.

Families, Kids, and Teachers:
Families can create personal and fun games from everyday photos and family events. For parents educational games. It's the iBooks Author for your little ones. Educators will also benefit from TinyTap. With scoring built into the app, you can track your students progress and the easy to use platform lends itself well for creating lesson plans and activity books for teachers to use the in classroom. Teachers and caretakers can utilize this simple and powerful platform to come up with new ways to personalise their lesson plans and create activities to fit each child's individual needs.

Feature Highlights:
- Beautifully enhanced graphics for the new iPad retina display
- Add your own photos, take a picture, or search the web to add photos to your game
- Record your own voice over photos so your little ones can always hear a familiar voice
- Record a question, answer and a hint for a rich experience
- Personalize your game with a soundtrack with over 20 great selections to choose from
- Track your child's progress with TinyTap's in-game scoring system
- Super duper simple interface, easy for anyone to play and create
- Easily share the games you create with friends and family
- Personalize pre-made games from the TinyTap store, by adding your own voice and pictures

TinyTap Community Store:
At TinyTap store, you can get stunning new games with high educational value. These pre-made games are not only gorgeous, but are also great educational games for you and your children to enjoy. You can even edit them to add your own voice and photos to easily personalize any game. After you've created a really amazing game, you can sell it on the TinyTap store! If you are an author, illustrator, educator or just full of imagination, you can earn money by utilizing these talents and adding to the TinyTap community. The TinyTap app is simple, personal, interactive, educational and most of all fun! It takes minutes to create your own game.

TinyTap, Moments Into Games 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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