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To Bee or not to Bear? HD (AppStore Link)
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To Bee or not to Bear? HD
Developer: Anton Roshchine
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Anton Roshchine Studio is proud to introduce "To Bee or not to Bear?" for iOS. Try not to start laughing when you'll see the awkward honeyrobbers, winnowing theirs hands! And the cartoon Bees - they jump, fly, laugh, sneeze and sometimes shout something on their funny bee language. It's a masterpiece, no less! And all of them really need you, because it's not funny in Hiveland without you. So, cut the bears' hoses, help the bees and you'll get a great present - big pot of honey from the grateful striped friends!

What? Aren't you sure? Play "To Bee or not to Bear?", and you'll learn how everything is! Just think over: the bee is small, cute and brings profit - it harvests honey! So, anyway the bee is your bro! And the bear is not only fat, hairy and bad-smelling, but it also is a great glutton, so the bear is definitely not your bro!

The coolest thing is that there are no stupid things, we are so bored of in the games:
* Zombies;
* Violence;
* Blood;
* Farms, birds, catapults, towers and other stuff.

What are we talking about? Oh yes, listen: there is a fictional cartoon country, called Hiveland, where the Bees and the Bears live. The life in Hiveland is really cool: do nothing, just jump on rubber hoses like on bungee all the days and that's all. But for the bees and bears this is not enough: the bees also harvest honey and the bears steal it. Of course the bees dislike it, so once they banded together and decided to strike back - and started to cut the bears' hoses!

And this, dear player, is the time for to you to join the game. Prepare your Punishing Finger of Destiny and help the bees to protect their hives from the hairy robbers or they will take all the honey to their lairs! And don't be slow, there will be so many bears, that's just one of your fingers would be definitely not enough.

"To Bee or not to Bear?" is exactly the game which will throw all the negative things and stress of your everyday life out with a powerful kick! Tired of work - cut hundred bears and you'll immediately switch off. Bad mark in school - who cares about it, when the bears are assaulting the hive of hard-working bees!

And if you are a big and boring adult, don't hurry to say "Oh, this game is for children". Can you win the 10th, final level? We bet, you can't, because you need to be a real monster to do it! So become a Jaga, reach the 8th dan rank and become cooler than Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal! Show your concentration and share your success in To Bee or not to Bear with your friends. Let them know that you are Hiveland's Bear Cutting Champion!

"To Bee or not to Bear?" is an artful time-killer, that will take all of your time, which you could spend on the composing the year report for your boss, sitting in the Facebook, walking with your dog, shopping with your wife or getting your children to their school. Forget about these unnecessary things until the last bear would fall on the ground with his hose, cut off.

So, we don't know, is our game "fashionable" or not, but it is unique, we guarantee it. So we are waiting for you in Hiveland, don't be silly and MOVE YOUR FLIPPERS! Because it will be hot.

Join us! The bears will not pass!

Any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

To Bee or not to Bear? 1.3 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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