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Tower Siege for iPad
Developer: Pavel Tarabrin
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Tower Siege for iPad differs significantly both from typical tower defense and arcade games. Unlike the usual specimen of the tower defense genre, it has an action-packed breathtaking gameplay. You will not be the idle observer. Instead, you'll be the sole commander and soldier of your tower. It's up to you to choose what enemy and when to fire, which Special Weapon and when to use. Using different Specials combinations will diversify your experience significantly and provide unlimited replay possibilities. Besides, it is impossible to beat harder levels if you don't have a clear and balanced strategy as you'll never know what the next round threats are. You won't get neither the enemy types nor their numbers. Being surprised with every next level will keep you excited.

The update will bring you:

New enemies:
We have added four new enemy types. In all, there are 15 enemy types at updated Tower Siege for iPad. Each one has unique tactics based on its strengths and weaknesses.
The new enemy types are:
- Scorpion driving an ORV
- Grasshopper on a light helicopter
- Steel Hornet, a heavy unmanned helicopter
- Mad Mantis handling destructive submachine guns

New Special Weapons:
You will be able to power up the tower with the rewards you will get each level. There are 13 various active and passive upgradeable Special Weapons.
The new Special Weapons are:
- Fireball to help you destroy a whole enemy group with a single lightning ball
- X-time to slow down every enemy unit
- Tower repair - a passive ability to reinforce the Tower over time

Synaptic Wave maintains the tradition of making apps free on every update. Tower Siege for iPad is free for a very limited time.

Tower Siege for iPad 1.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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