Tower Zoo by MiniWorldGames Challenges Players To Outwit Evil Zookeeper

Tower Zoo (AppStore Link)
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Tower Zoo
Developer: MiniWorldGames LTD
Price: free Download on the App Store

Gamers of all ages who are tired of ordinary, repetitive and predictable puzzle apps can now download the new app Tower Zoo 1.0 from MiniWorldGames, and enjoy a blend of logic and tactics in a fun, challenging, addictive and original way.

In Tower Zoo, gamers are faced with a unique task that is unlike anything they've ever experienced: users must develop cunning strategies to outwit the evil Zookeeper who is forcing them to play his madcap game for fame and fortune.

The stars of the show are 5 cute and heroic animals: Tiger, Gorilla, Panda, Snow Leopard and Lizard. Based on simple but fascinating rules, players take turns to connect three or more animals of the same height to create taller towers. Only the most cunning player will prevail.

Feature Highlights:
* 90 unique boards, with varying degrees of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard
* Seamless, one-touch, rotation of boards in full 3D
* Special 'Power tiles' with strategic properties
* Fun comic scenes with memorable story line
* Single Player, or Pass and Play with a friend

"The concept for Tower Zoo came from Rick Skinner, a school mathematics teacher, from the same school that boasts Sir Tim Berners-Lee as its most famous former pupil," commented Lizzie Modla of MiniWorldGames. "Tower Zoo combines a truly unique story with a real test of logic and tactics. It's also super addictive and full of challenges, bonuses and surprises. It's unlike anything gamers have ever experienced!"

Tower Zoo, by MiniWorldGames, offers a huge variety of levels, across 3 stunning locations.

Tower Zoo 1.0 isfree and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category.

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