Toy Defense 2 Adds 12 New Levels to Operation Crusader

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Toy Defense 2
Developer: Melsoft
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Melesta Games has added 12 new levels to its popular tower defense game, Toy Defense 2, in the game's latest update. The new levels expand the Operation Crusader world, bringing the total number of levels in Toy Defense 2 to 96 exciting missions spread across 3 game worlds. The extra levels are free for players who have already downloaded the full version of Toy Defense 2.

This is the third gameplay update for Toy Defense 2 fans in recent months. The first update added 12 extra levels to the first world, Stalingrad. The second update introduced the much-anticipated Tournament Mode, which serves up a new map to play every week.

Toy Defense 2 is a military-themed tower defense game where players experience some of the most epic and decisive battles of World War II, including Stalingrad, Normandy, and Operation Crusader. Players will need to make fast strategic and tactical decisions in constantly changing gameplay situations.

Toy Defense 2 is designed to appear to WWII history buffs as well as players who love casual games and strategy titles.

Game Features:
* Classic tower defense gameplay with excellent level design and stunning artwork
* 96 action-packed levels across 3 campaigns
* Detailed recreations of famous World War II battles: Operation Crusader, Stalingrad, Normandy
* Unique combat units inspired by real WWII weapons and vehicles
* Unlockable upgrade tree with multiple improvements for each unit
* New power-ups to give players the edge in battle
* Unlimited potential for collecting hero units
* New in-game notification center to keep players up to date with special offers, game events, upcoming updates, and more
* Tournament Mode with 100 waves of enemies, and stars awarded to top players

Languages Supported:
* English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Japanese

Toy Defense 2 (v1.3) is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Promo codes for review purposes are available upon request.

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