Toy Defense 2 update lets Facebook friends help you in battle

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Toy Defense 2
Developer: Melsoft
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Melesta Games has introduced a new Facebook-integrated update to its popular tower defense game Toy Defense 2. Toy Defense 2 lets players experience some of the most epic and decisive battles of World War II, including Stalingrad, Normandy, and Operation Crusader. With this latest update, Toy Defense 2 players can invite their Facebook friends to take command of their soldiers and help out in battle.

The commander makes the soldiers stronger and more efficient, so friends will become a great help during brutal battles with endless waves of enemies. Players will now also be able to create their own commanding team of bots without using a Facebook account.

With a new giveaway announced for a limited time, Toy Defense 2 is FREE on the Apple App Store so all players can try out the new feature and enjoy a cool game free of charge. The Toy Defense 2 Giveaway is launched from 9th of September for limited time! Toy Defense 2 for Android is 50% off for bounded period. The time to play is now!

Languages Supported:
* English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Japanese

Toy Defense 2 (v1.5) is free for limited time and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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