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Traffic Panic London
Developer: Neon Play Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Neon Play, the UK-based games studio behind hits such as Flick Football and Paper Glider have just announced a new addition to their popular Traffic Panic series. This new title offers even more chaos and goes by the name of Traffic Panic London.

Set in the vibrant and charismatic UK capital and Olympic Games host, Traffic Panic London brings more explosive fun to your fingertips. The game follows the same playing mechanic as the original two titles, players are given control of a busy intersection via a set of red and green traffic lights.

Tapping anywhere on the screen changes the lights and sends the waiting vehicles across the junction. Changing the lights at the wrong moment, however, can throw this puzzle game into pandemonium.

Unlike most casual games, this game really takes off once you make a mistake. Changing the lights at the wrong moment can cause utter carnage as the vehicles clatter, jackknife and flip into each other across the bisecting junction. This earns the player even more score, also resulting in a higher Credit reward.

Earn Credits as you play to unlock new playable content. There are four different locations containing famous landmarks, as well as 18 custom vehicles to obtain such as the Fuel Tanker, Car Transporter, London Bus and the Pizza Delivery Guy.

The Tourist, Historic and Classic areas of London can be unlocked, bringing a entirely new set of interactive buildings to collide with. Watch the the London Eye come off of its hinges, Nelson's Column crumble and Big Ben's clock face fall from the sky in a fantastic 3D visual feast.

Tap Explosions also make their first appearance in Traffic Panic London. After causing a crash you can enhance the madness by tapping the screen to blow up vehicles, buildings and other objects on screen - all contributing to your final score.

There are over 160 missions to complete which help you progress along Traffic Panic London's rewarding upgrade path.

London has plenty to celebrate this year with both the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics. Typically, the traffic will be chaotic, but Traffic Panic London will help relieve the stress of it all as the UK's biggest city celebrates 2012.

On the App Store Traffic Panic London is only $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively though the App Store in the Games category. On Google Play Traffic Panic London is free and available worldwide exclusively though the Games category.

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