TransitTimes+ Adds Live Tracking for Buses in 11 Major Cities

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Zervaas Enterprises announced today it added live vehicle tracking, trip planning, and official service alerts to its newly updated TransitTimes+ app for iPhone, iPad and Android, allowing commuters and travelers to quickly see when the next bus or train is arriving in real time and revolutionizing public transportation by making valuable trip planning data more easily accessible to riders.

The app now features transit schedules for over 50 cities, including 14 cities with vehicle positions and predictions that are continuously updated in real time.

Other newly added features include a trip planner so riders can find directions when they are not sure which bus or train to catch. The new tool lets users enter their starting location and destination to find helpful directions.

Also, TransitTimes+ shows official service alerts inside the app. These notifications provide riders with important updates about delays, construction, and news issued by transit agencies.

"Providing live information to anyone with a mobile device is the future of public transit," said Quentin Zervaas, owner of Zervaas Enterprises, which created the TransitTimes+ app. "We hope it encourages other agencies around the world to also provide this important data to their riders."

The TransitTimes+ app now offers real time tracking for buses in: Boston, Los Angeles (LA Metro only), New York City (Staten Island/Brooklyn only), Oakland, Ottawa, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Utah (buses and TRAX), and Washington DC.

Inside the TransitTimes+ app, commuters can access the real-time tracking with a single tap. The live view shows the actual position of each bus on a high-quality map, along with the user's current location. Tapping a bus will show an estimate of how much longer until it arrives and the predicted time.

"You no longer need to wait in the rain or cold wondering when your bus will arrive," Quentin Zervaas said. "With our new real-time tracking, TransitTimes+ lets you plan your trip ahead of time, saving time and having a more pleasant commute."

Live tracking comes in addition to the full range of trip planning features in TransitTimes+. The app offers convenient bus, subway, ferry, train, and streetcar schedules for over 50 cities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. After a city's schedule has been downloaded, it can be viewed even when the user is offline.

TransitTimes+ also shows the distance to each stop, how long the trip will take, the route on a map, and more. Travelers can view a summary of the route or all stops in between to make sure they board the right bus, in the right direction, and do not miss their stop.

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