Trial By Survival version 1.10 update with new features and content

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Trial By Survival
Developer: Nah-Meen Studios LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Nah-Meen Studios has updated Trial By Survival to 1.10. The update brings exciting new features including a food mechanic and night time searching to Survival Mode. Players will have to find food within the ruins of the wasteland to use for traveling the world map. This mechanic brings a new level of depth to Survival Mode, making each day count even more.

If players are brave enough, they can now venture out into the night where they can double down to get more supplies and food for the next day. Players searching at night will find it harder to see and will have to use flares or fire to illuminate the area. More weapons have been added to the player's arsenal. One new weapon is the Torch, which uses fire instead of blunt force to dispose of enemies. When players are out at night, the Torch can be used to set objects on fire to see where the danger lurks.

Six additional arenas with their own leaderboards have been added to Arena Mode with the integration of Game Center. Each new arena presents a unique challenge whether it's a dungeon atmosphere, closed quarters or heavy tree cover.

Trial By Survival 1.10 is free to play and available world wide on the App Store in the Games category.

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