Trinity War 1.1.0 for iOS: World War II Puzzle Sim, Build Strongest Army

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Trinity War
Developer: Hongting Shi
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TopGameFree Ltd. today is pleased to introduce Trinity War 1.1.0 for iOS, their new game simulating a World War II battlefield. Players become army generals and command their troops of Allied forces in the fight against the Nazis. The game features World War II style graphics, various branches of military and combat units, soldiers, Jeeps, and more. Players attempt to grow their army as large as possible until the game ends when the board has been filled.

Feature Highlights:
- 10 different combinable roles
- World War II Style graphics
- Props intensify combination efficiency and game experience
- Purchase props in store with coins earned in play
- Buy extra coins in store
- Click and drag modes available
- Play with Game Center

Players will find themselves strategizing like army generals in Trinity War, the new sim/puzzle game from TopGameFree Ltd. The board consists of some open spaces as well as land that may be filled with Marines, soldiers, Jeeps, and many other props. When three marines are placed near one another by the player, they become a rocket soldier. Similarly, three rocket soldiers become a Jeep, and three Jeeps form an even higher scoring object. The goal of the game is to fill the board up with the highest scoring objects possible.

Among the objects that come up on the bottom of the screen for the player to place are Nazi soldiers. These soldiers must move through any empty land still available. They add a challenge to the game by blocking positions, e.g., one may occupy the spot near two Marines where the player may want to place a third Marine in a combination. However, if there is no movement possible, the Nazis become a grave. Three of these graves create an even larger, higher scoring tombstone. When this happens, new space is freed on the board. The Nazis may also be turned into graves if the player receives a rocket bomb and places it on top of one of the offending soldiers.

As the game continues, players build up a score depending on what types of objects are on the board. The score is shown in the middle at the top of the screen. On the left side of this score, the number of gold coins is shown. The player gains more money as he or she makes good moves in the game, and may use this currency to purchase certain specific props in the store for more points. In the upper right hand corner the number of moves left in the game can be seen.

The upper left hand corner of the screen holds a button that will take players back to the menu of the game. Here, they can resume, renew, view the instructions, or change the mode of the game. The game may be played in "Click" mode, in which the player simply clicks on an open space to place a prop, or "Drag" mode, where the player must drag the next prop from the bottom of the screen to the desired space.

The sound option on the game may be on or off, and Trinity War may be played via Game Center, so that friends can compete with one another and compare their scores in this puzzling and exciting war strategy game.

"Test your war strategy skills in this thrilling puzzle game as you build up an army to fight the Nazis," says Shi YanZheng of TopGameFree Ltd.

Trinity War 1.1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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