Trivia Master: Flags released for iPhone and iPad

Trivia Master: Flags (AppStore Link)
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Trivia Master: Flags
Developer: John Forster
Price: free Download on the App Store

The Lucky Chicken today is pleased to announce the release of Trivia Master: Flags, an iOS trivia and reference application for countries and their flags. Trivia Master: Flags allows the user to be a Trivia Master, by utilising a database of high resolution country flags and country information. The user might be out on a road trip, having a beer at the pub with friends or at home with family. Wherever the user is, the user controls the flags, the trivia and the fun. No additional downloads are required, besides using the in-app Map feature. The application includes three modes:

Infinite Mode - A random flag is shown in full retina resolution, and the user and any nearby participants can either take turns guessing the flags' country name. As Trivia Master, the user also holds additional information such as the country's capital city, currency and official languages, which can be used as hints or for additional trivia.

Challenge Mode - This is a multiple choice game, where by the user can guess the country name for the displayed flag, to receive a score out of ten.

Browse Mode - The user can use the countries in the database as a reference guide, by browsing for the country alphabetically, or via the search function. All flags are in High Definition (HD) Retina Display for those devices that support it.

Trivia Master: Flags includes all United Nations recognised Sovereign States, as well as some additional Independent States. Unfortunately Union States, Administrative Regions and Territories are not currently included.

- Full HD Flags for all UN recognised Sovereign States
- Additional information, including official name, languages, currencies and rank (by area)
- In-App Map feature allows you to see where countries and their capital cities are located on the world map
- Multiple choice Challenge Mode

Trivia Master: Flags 1.0 is 99c (Tier 1) without any limitation and does not require any In-App purchase.

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