TVplus Claims Sync-Enabled Programming Can Grab CTR Above 10%

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TVplus App for iPad

TVplus App for iPad syncs the television shows with additional content.

In a recent data sample taken from the TVplus user base, the Los Angeles based technology company recorded engagement numbers showing an 11% CTR on content “spots” while consumers watch television with the application. The term ‘spots' refers to unique pieces of related content delivered synchronously on a second screen while users watch a broadcast.

The TVplus App for iPad, which was released in late July and is currently enabled for several programs in Primetime, features a core audio synchronization technology that connects a viewer's second screen device to their favorite programs on television. The technology has been designed to not only identify a given program, but further maintains a continuous sync to the show, allowing a viewer's iPad to know the exact position within a program on television. TVplus will soon be enabled across multiple platforms, including PC/Mac, iPhone and Android devices. 

Once connected, TVplus' content production toolset, known as the Parallel Editing Tool™ (PET), delivers a rich, contextual content and media experience for every scene of the show. Viewers can engage with such assets as actor and cast facts, photo galleries, song lyrics, videos, behind the scenes news, trivia and polls, along with a curated Twitter stream that features the best tweets time-stamped to the moment in the show. TVplus is the only service that allows a viewer to watch the original Tweet-stream replayed with a show, even if a viewer has time-shifted the program through DVR. The company has plans to introduce a variety of additional social connection features in upcoming product releases.

Ajay Shah, CEO and co-founder of TVplus stated, “Audio Synchronization is an important element for second screen applications, but only so far as you can produce a truly engaging content experience that complements the program. Our click-through rate data is a strong indicator that we are, in fact, driving deeper viewer engagement through our content.”

TVplus believes these positive data trends are a result of publishing content ‘spots' at the moment they're most relevant and interesting in the program, thereby providing a direct and immediate outlet for viewers to access additional content related to what was seen on television.

The TVplus technology suite provides the unique capability for LIVE content production around a program, and since its release over the summer, TVplus has engaged with activations for such high-profile events as the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards.

Additionally, TVplus currently powers THE XTRA FACTOR™ App sponsored by Verizon for both Android tablets and the iPad. In its inaugural season in the U.S., The X Factor, which airs Wednesday and Thursday nights on FOX (8:00pm EST), is produced LIVE.

For more information about TVplus, visit and follow them on Twitter: (@TvplusApp).

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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