Ultimate Battle Arena Delivers Fun for 1-4 Gamers on a Single iPad

Ultimate Battle Arena (AppStore Link)
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Ultimate Battle Arena
Developer: Marek Unucka
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Gamers in search of an exciting, challenging and ultra addictive new game that will give them with endless hours of fun whether they're playing alone, or battling it out against up to three friends or family members on a single iPad, can now download the Ultimate Battle Arena from developer Marek Unucka.

Ultimate Battle Arena features stunning graphics, exciting sound effects, and customizable battle arenas and gameplay. And while it's challenging and requires skill and attention, it's also brilliantly designed in order to be easy-to-play, which makes it great for younger gamers and those who don't like spending hours - or days - learning how their newest game works.

Yet, in addition to its sophisticated gameplay, graphics, sound and customization, what makes Ultimate Battle Arena truly stand out from other apps in its genre is 14 distinctly different game modes:

* DEATHMATCH: use 15+ weapons and 20+ effects to slay as many fighters as possible before time runs out
* BATTLE: use 15+ weapons and 20+ effects to be the last fighter standing in the arena
* FLAG: bravely capture the flag and try to survive as long as possible
* TOWERS: build towers at strategic places and battle it out against skilled fighters
* TARGETS: demonstrate precision and focus by shooting more targets than other fighters before time runs out
* ZOMBIES: send the living dead back to the graveyard and underground where they belong
* TREES: take down as many trees in the arena as possible
* PORTALS: race through portals and be the first fighter to arrive in the main portal
* BUBBLES: collect bubbles of a specific color and get the most points
* SURVIVAL: demonstrate driving skills and avoid being hit by skulls
* NUMBERS: collect specifically-colored numbers and get the most points
* OBJECTS: collect all of the objects in the arena
* RACE: use various weapons to obstruct other fighters and win the race to the finish line
* SNAKES: avoid hitting anything and be the last fighter standing in the arena

"Ultimate Battle Arena is simply the best way to play together with family and friends!" commented Marek Unucka. "And with 14 game modes and customizable game play, it never gets boring. There's always something new, challenging and exciting to experience, and the great graphics and sound really enhance the overall experience. Plus, there are no in-app purchases, no unwelcome surprises, and the app has been thoroughly tested and approved by my most difficult-to-impress critics: my own family!"

Ultimate Battle Arena 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Ultimate Battle Arena is an addictive new app that is ideal for playing alone or with friends and family on a single iPad.

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