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288 Vroom LLC, creators of over 25 top-selling iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps announces their latest app, Undiscovered Idol. Undiscovered Idol is an iPhone music app giving users unlimited access to impressive songs by brilliant yet unknown original bands from all musical genres including Pop, Rock, Rap, Country, Blues, Jazz, R & B, Reggae, Folk, and more.

No cover tunes here! Music lovers can discover more than 40 songs by over 25 new and original bands and solo artists from all over the world. Cover tunes are not allowed so it's unlikely that you've heard any of these songs, which instantly expands your music library by more than 40 songs for only ninety-nine cents. Plus, more music will be added as the app grows. All current and future songs are included with the original purchase and users can listen as much as they want, which makes this app an incredible bargain especially as more songs are added.

Discover more about your favorite artists! Besides just listening to the music within Undiscovered Idol, users can learn about their favorite bands and solo artists by viewing artists' images, reading artists' bios, and viewing their websites all right from within the app.

Voting makes a fun addition to the music listening experience. Undiscovered Idol Users can vote for any of their favorite songs, which help songs climb the Undiscovered Idol charts. While users can vote for any number of songs, they can only vote once per song, keeping the competition aspect of the app as fair as possible.

If you are in a band or solo musical artist and want to get discovered you can easily submit your music for consideration in the app at It's free and easy and musicians do NOT need a mobile device to participate. (Although the app does require an internet connection to listen.)

If you love music and have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, Undiscovered Idol just may be your next favorite music app for now and for a long time to come. A small sampling of some of the actual music in the app is available via a YouTube video on the Home Page.

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