Urban Rivals Global Strategy Game Launches for iOS


Urban Rivals from Boostr is now available in the App Store for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Urban Rivals is most analogous to classic collectible card games from one's childhood, though with heavy online RPG elements mixed in.

Urban Rivals (AppStore Link)
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Urban Rivals
Developer: Boostr (Acute Games SARL)
Price: free Download on the App Store

In game, players control an army of characters which act as virtual avatars for their masters, duking it out turn-based style with online competitors. Urban Rivals is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free in the Card and Strategy categories.

Urban Rivals Game Trailer

The game mechanic itself is excellent and reminiscent of rock-paper-scissors: Players are given so many attack points per round to allocate to their roster. These points add up to damage, and if the player's toon beats their opponent's, damage is done to the loser's life points. Each unit comes with their own special abilities, as well as a clan bonus that clashes or is negated by the enemy card.

What makes Urban Rivals a great game to play is that it hosts live fights against other players in the world, allowing you to search and invite your friends to improve your deck of cards. If you are into Manga and trading cards, Urban Rivals is for you because you can play on their website or on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch application. Every card is worth credits and the only way to make some money in the game is by winning fights. The game lets you practice with Kate, another player that can battle against you while you earn some experience as well as credits.

Urban Rivals Features:

⇒ Intense and strategic fights
⇒ Over 500 characters available
⇒ Numerous game modes
⇒ In game tutorial to easily learn the rules of the game
⇒ A market to trade your characters with other players
⇒ 8 millions registered users means you'll find opponents online 24/7

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