Urbanspoon to Begin Featuring Zagat Reviews

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Urbanspoon and Zagat Partner to Bring Rich Content to Users

Urbanspoon, the leading mobile restaurant app, today announced it has signed a deal with Zagat, the original provider of user-generated content and trusted ratings and reviews on restaurants. Through the content partnership, over 25,000 Zagat reviews will now be featured prominently on Urbanspoon, giving users even more rich content about local restaurants.

"Our goal at Urbanspoon is to give users, in-depth content to help inform their decision about what restaurants to try and which favorites to keep on their go-to list," said Kara Nortman, general manager, Urbanspoon. "Bringing in content from Zagat, arguably the most famous name in restaurant reviews, adds another layer of trusted insight to help people find the best restaurants in their cities."

Through the partnership, Zagat's ratings, in-depth recommendations and curated restaurant reviews will run alongside Urbanspoon's leading critic reviews and trusted consumer "likes." Users can access a complete snapshot of the restaurant that includes general business information, photos of the restaurant or dishes on the menu and related popular blogger posts, in addition to user reviews.

Urbanspoon's mobile app, which features the signature restaurant slot machine shake to help users find a restaurant that fits their needs, recently hit a milestone with one billion shakes. In addition, the app has been downloaded more than 20 million times across mobile platforms.

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