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UrbanWonderer for iPhone

UrbanWonderer offers self-guided audio tours explore the best of New York City.

Fall is the perfect season to explore New York City on foot, and the new UrbanWonderer Audio Tours iPhone app offers free, GPS-driven, self-guided sightseeing tours for first time visitors and business travelers, as well as native New Yorkers.

After the app user selects the New York City tour they'd like to take, they'll see their current location, and the tour path, on a street-level city map. As they follow the path they'll see their actual progress, as well as markers identifying important sights. Tapping one of these markers will play an in-depth audio narrative about that particular sight. 

As an audio example, UrbanWonderer's tour of SoHo has a two-part audio segment on the neighborhood's longtime ghost, Elma Sands, and the 1800 murder trial that captivated the entire city. This tragic tale, with its Halloween-fitting ending, can be heard at

UrbanWonderer was conceived by licensed New York City sightseeing guide Steven Craig Sickles, and entrepreneur Ron Samson. "About 8 years ago I was standing in midtown New York," Mr. Sickles says, "and as I looked around, I realized how little I truly knew about New York City's history and architecture. I vowed then to learn as much about the city as I could. Now UrbanWonderer will hopefully help thousands of New York City visitors better know and enjoy this extraordinary city."

Mr. Samson, president of Voyant Strategies Inc., added "Even the most seasoned and knowledgeable New Yorkers will discover new things about the city. And they can also take these tours 'virtually' from the comfort of their own couch. So whether you are in the Central Plains or Central America, you can learn all about New York City as if you were walking the streets yourself."

UrbanWonderer Audio Tours not only offer a wealth of in-depth information about New York City history and architecture, but they also deliver insider knowledge about the best restaurants, shopping, and cultural offerings. It's like having a licensed New York City tour guide in your pocket. And new tours will be added to the app every 2 to 3 weeks.

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