vueCAD version 4.5 is Now Available in the Apple App Store

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Developer: Titansan Engineering Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Mobile CAD Inc. announces the release of vueCAD, the professional CAD viewer for the iPad, version 4.5 is now available in the Apple App Store.

Control the 3D model with a finger - zoom, pan, rotate and explode. Explore an assembly with tree view and turn on/off subassemblies and parts. Extract dimensions with measure. Slice or section a part to see its internals. Instantly change the background, transparency, textures, and drawing colors, then markup and share a screenshot immediately via email. Turn on the camera to view your design within our real world or change the render engine to see blueprint-style with hidden line. Build your own custom mobile solution using the vueCAD engine.

vueCAD supports all major mesh formats including STL, PLY, OBJ, Blender, Collada and many of the Autodesk formats. Available as in-app purchases, users can add support for STEP, JT, IGES, SolidWorks, Catia V5 / V4 / CGR, Unigraphics, Pro/E, Autodesk Inventor, SolidEdge, VDA, ACIS and Parasolids.

New in version 4.5 is support for assemblies, a tree view for visibility control, new functionality for sectioning, and an extraordinary, new render engine with the ability to show blueprint-style with hidden line and cartoon or cell shading. Additional render styles will be included in future releases.

More than model visualization, vueCAD is a mobile CAD platform for building custom solutions. Filip Peters, CTO for Mobile CAD Inc. states, "We have built a mobile CAD engine to maintain the CAD history, CAD objects and CAD properties on the mobile device. More than a viewer, vueCAD has been used as a platform to create all sorts of custom mobile solutions that require CAD data at the core. From mobile sales tools to laser control systems, any mobile application that requires CAD can be built on top of vueCAD."

Frank Ruotolo, President of Mobile CAD Inc. gives a brief history of the company's path, "Five years ago, we set out to solve a specific problem, a Metrology problem, how to evaluate errors between laser scans and the CAD model using a mobile device. We began by creating a mobile CAD viewer, added CAD importers such as STEP and JT and later Catia and other formats. As an intermediate step, we released vueCAD for the mobile market. But our most interesting work has been the custom solutions we've built. Our customers, typically large manufacturers in the Aerospace, Automotive and Medical industries, require a solution that is comfortable with large assemblies, can visualize millions of triangles, accepts data from any CAD system in its native format, and adapts to their needs whether it's as a new tool for their Sales team, a verification system for their Shipping & Receiving department, or a laser control system on the production floor."

Mr. Ruotolo continues, "CAD on a mobile device is still being defined. What we do know is that mobile CAD is much more than CAD on a small screen. Today's mobile devices come with all kinds of sensor technologies beyond anything found in a PC that are opening the doors to new solutions everyday such as the Augmented Reality custom engineering projects we've created. vueCAD is the ideal platform for mobile software solutions from design to manufacturing to quality control. Add the mobile device's gyroscopes, accelerometers, and camera, and vueCAD is extended into Augmented Reality with great success."

About Mobile CAD Inc.:
Formerly known as Titansan Engineering, dba Mobile CAD and based in Irvine, California, Mobile CAD Inc specializes in mobile CAD and next generation productivity applications for iPhone, Android, and Windows devices. From design to manufacturing to quality control, Mobile CAD Inc. delivers an unmatched combination of CAD expertise, manufacturing know-how, and intuitive mobile software. For more information visit vueCAD online.

vueCAD 4.5 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the Apple App Store in the Business category. Additional CAD importers are in-app purchases and vary in price from $99.99 to $499.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies).

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