WagMob Launches Math, Chemistry and Physics Calculator Apps

Physics Formula Calculator (AppStore Link)
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Physics Formula Calculator
Developer: Wag Mobile Inc. Apps
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Students love it, teachers use it. It's the new, innovative calculator technology for iPad and iPhone recently launched by WagMob. Currently this technology is available for Math, Chemistry and Physics, three expansive subjects that require learning hundreds of different formulas. Now all those formulas can be found within a simple, easy to navigate mobile app.

The Seattle based WagMob created these calculators due to consistent customer demand. Beginning with Math, Physics and Chemistry tutorials, the WagMob team has added quizzes and flashcards and now a line of calculator apps all based on customer feedback. The team truly listens and responds to what customers want.

This new line of calculator apps has driven the expansion of WagMob's customer base past 300,000 users and into over 200 different countries. Each of these calculators not only solves any formula but also explains how each one works, providing a more in-depth understanding. Customers so far have found great value in these calculator apps and have continued suggesting new ways for WagMob to innovate and new fields they'd like WagMob to expand into.

- "It's really an amazing app. I'm a big fan of calculators and this app is awesome." - JamesP
- "I have many purchased and free physics apps installed. This is one of the best and my personal favorite." - CollegeKid49
- "Perfect in every way! This is an extremely informative application... this is an indispensable tool. Can't wait for updates!!!" - Aaron

The company is excited how well received this new product line has been and are more than happy to listen to customer reviews. It is through updating and innovating based on customer feedback that WagMob has found their great success within the reference app market and growing success within the calculator app market. WagMob will continue their strong commitment to the customer to further expand their wide range of popular apps.

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