Wardy IT Solutions Releases iOS App for Accessing SQL Server Virtual DBA

WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA Portal (AppStore Link)
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WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA Portal
Developer: Fxbytes Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Built on the award winning WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA product, the app allows monitoring of a company's entire SQL Server farm, immediately highlighting issues, performance statistics and recommended changes.

Peter Ward, Chief Technical Architect of WARDY IT Solutions describes the Virtual DBA App as a ‘peace of mind' app for for SQL Server Administrators:

“During the busy holiday season, it can be stressful not having immediate access to SQL Server database details. As a result many administrators have complex log in and VPN access processes and then remote connect to a workstation to review their SQL Server instances. With the WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA iPhone app this is all a thing of the past. One simple app gives access to all the real-time monitoring and performance statistics. IT Managers and Database administrations can stay informed at all times.”

Access a SQL Server from iPhone or iPad

The Virtual DBA Portal App – available on the iTunes App store – works on both the iPhone and iPad, and is simple to configure. Users simply provide their Virtual DBA credentials and they are immediately connected to a real-time stream of SQL Server uptime and performance statistics.

Individual instances can be analysed for uptime details and any error notifications.

Although the app is new, the Virtual DBA service has been available since January 2008. Enterprises around the globe use Virtual DBA with the service monitoring more than 30,000 databases.

WARDY IT Solutions was awarded the 2011 Microsoft Data Platform Partner of the Year award, and the Virtual DBA service has been named one of Australia's 100 most innovative products by Anthill Magazine in 2011.

DBA Outsourcing With Real-Time Access

Running SQL Server database servers on a daily basis can consume considerable staff resources, so many companies have switched from in-house administration to DBA outsourcing providers.

"With the Australian and world economies still facing economic uncertainty, enterprises are looking at ways to reduce costs and to increase efficiency," Ward explains. "Database administration outsourcing provides an excellent way to reduce internal expenses."

Virtual DBA allows clients to lower costs in terms of their IT professional staff by allowing remote administration of their SQL Server databases. And now with the Virtual DBA iPhone App, clients – including IT Managers, Database Administrators, and Database developers - can access updates in real time, from anywhere.

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