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Anytube - Learn Anything, Anytime, Anyspeed (AppStore Link)
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Anytube - Learn Anything, Anytime, Anyspeed
Developer: Anystone Technologies, Inc.
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In today's world, there is an abundance of free video clips and free downloads that contain high quality information and educational content. Apple provides access to some amazing course content in the form of iTunes U and video podcasts. Chances are good that if you want to learn something it can be found amongst the more than 350,000 free lectures on iTunes U, including courses from Stanford, MIT and Berkeley, or in the huge variety of video podcasts.

With so much content available and so little time to watch it, Anytube closes an important gap. Anytube helps users make the most of their time by allowing them to choose how quickly the videos are played, slowing them down to 0.75x or speeding them up to 2.00x. The time remaining for each video at the adjusted speed is shown, meaning that users can adjust the speed to suit the time they have available. Also, rather than using traditional video playback controls, Anytube takes it up a notch by providing a unique and intuitive gesture-driven user interface.

Apple's iTunes library makes it easy to watch videos on the go with Anytube. Subscribe to the desired feeds in iTunes, select episodes to synchronize to the iPhone or iPad and then play them back anytime using Anytube. Anytube goes one step further by opening the iTunes store on the iPad or iPhone to allow video downloads directly to the device without using your desktop! This means your videos are ready and waiting for when and where you want to watch them. Anytube is there to make it easier: faster access to your content, faster viewing.

"I often manage to squeeze in a video while waiting for my son to finish his weekend activities, like gymnastics or skating lessons. But with only an hour here or there, and videos that are on the order of an hour, I'm unable to get through very many in that short amount of time." relates Anystone CTO Sean Kormilo. "With Anytube, I can squeeze twice as much viewing into the same amount of time. As an added bonus, it allows me to follow lectures at my pace, rather than the speed dictated by the video."

Saving time is great, but slowing down a video also has advantages. Anystone advisor Chris McPhee points out: "I could see Anytube being of real use to people watching videos in a language learning or educational context." Anytube has gestures for quickly jumping back to replay a section if it was missed the first time through. It also saves the last position and speed of each video so it's easy resume if interrupted.

Speeding up or slowing down, Anytube helps people to learn anything, anytime, anyspeed.

Anytube is the latest in a growing portfolio of useful Apps from Anystone. It joins the popular audio App, Anytune, which allows musicians to slow down their music to speed up their learning.

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