WeezLabs Enhances SamsungCNC Machine Tools Mobile App

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Developer: Dynamic International, Inc.
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WeezLabs, Inc. recently announced the release of SamsungCNC 1.1 for iOS. It's a free mobile app that greatly assists machinists and engineers in finding Samsung CNC Machine Tools, including lathe machines and vertical machines, according to their needed specs. Now also included in the app is a Dealer Lounge which helps in obtaining the recommended tools.

When Samsung began their machine tool division in 1989 they made it their mission to "locate, secure and deliver the most appropriate machine tools for the job". Dynamic International originally created the SMEC iPad/iPhone app to help machinists and engineers to find such high-end SamsungCNC machine tools that would meet specs, but Dynamic International found that not only could the the original design of the SMEC app be taken further, but having submitted their app to the Apple iStore several times with no success of acceptance, they also found they needed help in getting app design up to par with the Apple App Store requirement.

WeezLabs specializes in the design of mobile applications for iOS and Android smart devices and their portfolio was a clear indicator to Dynamic International that WeezLabs was able to take their SMEC machine tools app concept and extend its feature set. Dynamic International contacted WeezLabs and the app was quickly enhanced, made more graphically appealing and transformed into a spec assisting tool that machinists and engineers should cherish. Due to the WeezLabs programming design, it was also quickly accepted by the Apple App Store.

Dynamic International found that working with WeezLab was as much help as it was a pleasure. Kevin Layo of Samsung MachineTools said of the team at WeezLabs, "Every night I sent the guys at WeezLabs a new update for my
app and every morning it was implemented flawless. I highly recommend them for making your App a reality, great prices and fast work."

SamsungCNC 1.1 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Business category.

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