WeNowBuddy's Games Help Users Find New Friends for Valentines day

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WeNowBuddy for iOS and Android is using fun and interesting question games to help users connect to people around the world. Whether you are looking for friendship or love, or whether you wish to simulate the experience of going on multiple blind dates (up to four, at once), WeNowBuddy answers the call. Finally, it is possible to find a friend with Justin Bieber's haircut or with Angelina Jolie's stunning physique. You can customize your friends!

WeNowBuddy has different features for single or multiplayer options. Users looking for love only need the WeNowBuddy app and their Apple/Android device to play the single player Image Game. This 1:1 feature is a secretive single player platform, which allows two people to connect via information-garnering questions. The game starts by uploading a picture to represent you on WeNowBuddy. Questions are asked of users, and answers determine the compatibility between different users. Once compatibility is established, WeNowBuddy - via its unique gaming approach - fine-tunes a user's compatibility with other users.

A unique Stick Game feature shows stick arrows pointing to the person(s) a user is most compatible with, and WeNowBuddy also features a chat mode that allows users to enter into a private chat room. These features are intended to allow users to easily find new friends, and then have a place where they can get to know them better.

"The old adage is, 'You can't pick your friends' - but with WeNowBuddy we have effectively altered that, forever," said Lena Kwon, UbiNuri's product manager. "We obviously aren't the first company to create a fun, laid back social networking app, and we won't be the last. What sets WeNowBuddy apart from the rest, though, is the fact that it brings joy and it also carries the potential to help people garner lifelong friends, companions, or partners through a fun networking platform. With the newest version, all the bugs have been fixed - so my only word of caution for users of WeNowBuddy is this: keep an eye on the clock. Time goes by real fast when you're having fun networking and meeting people with this app."

There are no additional memberships, registrations, or phone numbers that need to be entered for WeNowBuddy to operate. And uploaded pictures are not exposed to anyone without user's permission so very private person can use this app liberally. A simple download of WeNowBuddy - available, free of charge, on the App Store and Android Market- provides users with everything they need to begin finding new pals. WeNowBuddy offers a clean, intuitive interface, and so many user-friendly features that finding friends, partners and matches has never been easier!

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