Where To? 6.7: Send local search results to Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Where To? - Discover your next destination using GPS (AppStore Link)
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Where To? - Discover your next destination using GPS
Developer: FutureTap GmbH
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

The iPhone app "Where To?" helps with local search in the vicinity. The convenient app knows more than 700 business categories from Acupuncture to Zoos. The new version Where To? 6.7 allows to send search results to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The location is sent to the in-car navigation system and the driver can move off right away.

Who doesn't know that? You're in a foreign city and are in need of a pharmacy, a supermarket or a good place to eat. No local is in sight or just as clueless? The iPhone app "Where To?" comes to rescue. Assisted by GPS the mobile app offers more than 700 business categories, some of them even drilled down to different brands. The next post box, liquor store or locksmith is found in an instant.

The easy to use navigation wheel makes searching for the right category a snap. The results are displayed on a map or in a list, sorted by distance. Further information such as opening hours, pictures, user reviews and much more is displayed on the detail screen. After having selected the destination, Where To? shows the way: Besides the built-in directions feature, it works together with more than 40 directions apps for car, pedestrian or public transport navigation.

FutureTap, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, developed a smart solution to send locations right to the car. After selecting the destination in Where To?, it can be sent to the Mercedes-Benz cockpit with just a single tap. The location is displayed in the car head unit and the on board navigation system directs the driver to the destination without taking the hassle of entering the address first.

Besides more comfort, a big plus in safety since the driver doesn't need to look at the smart phone while on the road.

Ortwin Gentz, head of FutureTap wraps it up: "Smart phones and cars grow together more and more. We're excited to deliver our contribution - together with Mercedes-Benz - for the benefit of the users!"

"Where To?" has been selected by Apple as iPhone App of the Week and is the winner of the "Best App Ever Awards" in the category "Best Travel App" for several years in a row. Apple selected the app under the five best navigation apps in iTunes Rewind 2011.

"Where To?" 6.7 available immediately on the App Store. "Where To?" 6.7 (15.5 MB) is now available for download for $2.99 US on the App Store under the "Navigation" category. Users of the previous version get the update free of charge. iOS 5.1 or newer is required. The "Where To? 3D" Augmented Reality module (iPhone required) may be tested free of charge for 30 days and can subsequently be unlocked via In App Purchase ($0.99 US).

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