whoAREu? for iOS - Guessing, Photo Sharing and Networking At Its Best

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Developer: Learnwell Pty Ltd
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Get started instantly using your Facebook login or email address, select a photo of a friend or celebrity, snip a 'snippet' - an eye - a nose - an ear - add a clue and post to Facebook. Have fun watching your friends' reaction and comments as they try and guess the mystery identity, snippet by snippet, clue by clue.

Alternatively, invite the whole whoAREu? community to a game by posting directly to the whoAREu? Facebook Community page, or engage a friend or random player in a turn-based, one-on-one game.

The combination of photo sharing, social networking via Facebook and a fresh, innovative approach to social quiz gaming, makes whoAREu? for iOS a remarkably fun and addictive experience. Friends can have a blast as they continue to discover the real identity of the mystery person. The guessing, point system, clues, turn based one-on-one game, coupled with the option to post a whoAREu? game on Facebook, makes discovering the identify of friends and celebrities a charm.

Add to this the ability to select photos from the internet or your photo gallery, and you immediately have a photo, guess who game using your favorite celebrities. Can't find a photo to use - no problem - whoAREu? allows you to snap a quick photo using your iPhone camera - instant photo - whoAREu? Game On!

* Awesome photo editor to select photo snippets
* All new bright and funky design
* Get snippets - both free and optional in-App purchase
* Add clues
* Interact with friends and keep guessing
* Social quiz game based on your real-life friends or celebrities
* whoAREu? Facebook FUN!
* 100% Facebook support
* Play with your Facebook friends or entire whoAREu? Facebook Community
* whoAREu? Friend FUN!
* One-on-one, turn based game
* Select opponent by Facebook friend, address book, username or random player
* Rewarding point system

whoAREu? 3.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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