Win an iPod touch or Even an iPad3 with Guess That Flag

Guess That Flag (AppStore Link)
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Guess That Flag
Developer: craig smart
Price: free Download on the App Store

TheHermonApps is pleased to announce Guess That Flag 1.0, its new quiz and educational app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The only themed flag game that is multiple choice answers, so no need to have a dictionary to hand. Guess That Flag is a great app for geography and flag quizzes. With no in-app purchases, you get the full version of the game.

For your chance to win an iPod touch or even an ipad3 all you need to do is beat expert mode!

As the creator of the app, Craig Smart, said "Have you ever come across a flag at a sports match, or on the news, or in a film etc... and wondered which nation that flag belongs to."

If the answer to that questions is "yes" then Guess that flag is one of the reason the app was made. Guess That flag comes with four game modes easy, medium, hard and expert. Or browse through the flags (in great graphics) to see what flag belongs to which nation. Here's a break-down of great features that sets Guess That Flag apart from other Flag game wannabes:

- All multiple choice answer, so need to stress out about the spelling of a nation
- Browse mode great for vexillology
- Great graphics for each flag, as each flag as its own screen dedicated to that flag which makes for a great screen shot of your favorite flags
- Over 140 flags in the app
- 4 different difficulty settings, to stop the app becoming mundane
- Hours of fun with friends and family with the biggest flag app there is
- Free updates at least 3 times a year, to improve and make the app even bigger and better
- No need to pay out extra money for in app purchases
- Win an iPod touch

Word of warning: Expert mode is extremely hard. Only to people have managed to beat expert mode and get there name on the winners wall, can you became the 3rd? Check out the Guess That Flag YouTube video to see the great flag graphics come to life.

Win the latest iPod touch in time for Xmas or maybe even the newest iPad.

Once you have downloaded the app all you have to do is beat expert mode and send me the winners code. You will then be put into a draw for your chance to win a brand new ipod touch ( the latest model at the time i draw the winner). Ten runner ups will receive free apps for a year from TheHermonApps online.

Before I draw the competition I need at least 1000 downloads of guess that flag. In the mean time any winners will be place in the draw. The draw will be made in time for Christmas if i get the 1000 downloads i need ( which we should do with how sales are going at the minute) The more downloads i get the bigger i can make the winners prizes. If i get 10000 downloads i can change the prize to an iPad 3.

Guess That Flag 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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