Wishlab Dream-Fulfilling App Launches Update and New Promo-Video!

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Bumperapps is pleased to announce the launch of its updated version of WishLab 1.0.3 onto the App Store. Initially designed for the believers in the Law of Attraction and power of the mind, the app is also enjoyed by people who are looking for a set of tools to help them focus on their wishes using their mobile device.

WishLab is much more than just a standard organizer or a wish list. The app will help you track progress on your dreams and capture your daily thoughts, actions and feelings. You can easily add photos, videos and put your wishes on a wish board for better visualization and interaction. WishLab will also send regular reminders for you to stay focused on your wishes. It inspires and motivates you to go forward and not to give up.

Roman Chuvilin, Bumperapps product designer, says: "After the launch of WishLab 1.0.0 we received a lot of positive feedback from our users. This update includes some technical improvements as well as lock screen feature to keep your wish information private. Our team is currently working on new social sharing features and we greatly appreciate your comments which allow us to refine your WishLab experience."

Feature Highlights:
* Create and manage your wishes
* Set time frames to achieve them
* Fill your wish library with photos, videos and notes
* Chart your progress with everyday thoughts, feelings and actions
* Get push notifications and email alerts to remember to work on your dreams
* Visualize your desires on a wish board
* Find inspiration in the wishes and accomplishments of others via the Wall of Inspiration
* Keep a diary of your fulfilled dreams and share your success story
* Keep your wishes private with lock screen
* Share your thoughts, photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter

WishLab 1.0.3 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

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