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World Economic Journal EN
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Investors who want to be on top of the latest and most important financial market news, trends and opportunities can now download the remarkable new one-of-a-kind interactive newsstand app that no smart investor can afford to be without: World Economic Journal. Optimized for iPhone and iPad, each monthly edition of World Economic Journal delivers a unique array of special features that aren't available from ordinary business publications, including:

* Independent commentary, insight and analysis prepared by an international editorial staff of experts and insiders
* Late-breaking news and reports sourced from thousands of outlets and bureaus based in the USA, EU, CIS countries and Russia
* Clarifying charts and illustrations that bring concepts and trends to life in stunning high definition
* Interactive content that adds a stimulating level of engagement and interest
* Full coverage of both developed and developing economies, with a particular emphasis on BRICS and the CIS countries

"Whether investing locally or internationally, World Economic Journal is an essential publication in a rapidly changing and hyper-connected world, and a trusted monthly resource for high-ranking government officials, CEOs and other top managers of large companies, investors and economists," commented editor-in-chief Robert Abdullin from World Economic Journal, which has been in print since 2009. "It's the simplest and smartest ways for investors to get the essential information they need to know where, what and when to invest - and it's all conveniently available anytime, anywhere on their iPhone or iPad."

The September issue of World Economic Journal, which investors can purchase as a single issue or as part of a subscription, features an insightful and informative look at:

* Neo-industrialization and how the Age of Innovation is shining through in emerging markets
* The world's happiest countries
* Whether the time has come for a new global currency
* The G20 Summit held in St. Petersburg
* And much more exclusive content not found anywhere else

World Economic Journal EN 3.6, the unique interactive newsstand app that no smart investor can afford to be without, is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category. The app is available in English and Russian, and will soon be available in Chinese, German and Spanish.

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