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Worldictionary - Instant Translation & Search
Developer: Penpower Inc.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Looking up words and sentences in foreign languages on your favorite translation app just became easier with the availability of Collins language dictionaries (in-app purchases) for the latest version of Worldictionary v.4.1. An extremely popular and award-winning app from California based Penpower Technology Inc., Worldictionary has over 1 million users worldwide. An absolute must have for international businessmen/women as well as other globetrotters, the app's latest version has been bolstered with the inclusion of excellent language dictionaries from Collins and Transtar available as in-app purchases from iTunes Store.

Worldictionary can recognize and translate from as many as 21 languages ranging from English to Japanese, Korean, German, French, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian and many more.

The 'Instant View and Translate' feature has been a revolutionary development in the genre of translation apps. With this feature, users don't have to type words laboriously to find their meaning. Simply point your iPhone/iPad camera at the word you want to look up and the app does the rest! Users also have the option to select images from their devices to get instant translation of words and even full sentences.

The availability of dedicated language dictionaries from trusted names like Collins and Transtar as separate in-app purchases offers greater convenience to Worldictionary users' on-the-go. With the purchase of these dictionaries, you can look up word meanings even if you have no online connections. And since each language dictionary is available as a stand-alone in-app download, users have the freedom to download only those languages that they need.

"The addition of Collins and Transtar dictionaries adds some much needed offline capability to Worldictionary," said Penpower Vice President DP Deng. "This app was designed for people on-the-go, travelers and the like. And as we all know, finding mobile internet connectivity can often be a tricky business, especially if you are in a foreign country. With offline dictionaries available as in-app purchases, our customers can now truly remain language empowered on the move, anytime, anywhere."

The Worldictionary series is a premier translation/reference app series with the following accolades to its name:
* Presence in the Top 10 Apps list (Reference/Business categories) in 109 countries
* Winner, Outstanding IT Products Awards 2011
* Winner, Taiwan Excellence Award 2012

Already the choice app for those looking for instant translation on-the-go, the latest iteration of the Worldictionary has only gotten better with the inclusion of Collins and Transtar off-line dictionaries as in-app purchases.

* Collins English-Japanese Dictionary - $4.99 USD
* Collins English-German Dictionary - $4.99
* Collins English-Korean Dictionary - $4.99
* Collins English-French Dictionary - $4.99
* Collins English-Italian Dictionary - $4.99
* Collins English-Spanish Dictionary - $4.99
* Collins Japanese-Spanish Dictionary - $4.99
* Collins English-Chinese (simplified) Dictionary - $4.99
* Collins English-Chinese (traditional) Dictionary - $4.99
* Collins Spanish-Chinese (simplified) Dictionary - $4.99
* Transtar Chinese-English Dictionary - $1.99

Worldictionary v.4.1.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Reference category. Language dictionaries are available as in-app purchases for Worldictionary.

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