Wrackle 1.1 for iOS - A Quick Twist on Word Search Games

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Developer: Cullaboration Media
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Cullaboration Media announces the release of Wrackle 1.1, a new twist on word search and word find games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Wrackle combines the spelling of Boggle and the game play of Bejeweled to create a fast paced, brain challenging game. Players are given a six by six grid of letters and must find as many words as they can in 1 minute. Words may be selected up, down, left or right and letters may be swapped to help spell words. When a correctly spelled word is selected, those letters are removed from the board and replaced with new letters. Single and multiplayer options make Wrackle addictive to both the causal and competitive game player.

"By combining aspects of Boggle and Bejeweled, Wrackle makes you think quickly and plan ahead", says Matt Johnston, co-founder of Cullaboration Media. "Don't let the simplicity of the game fool you, trying to find words quickly can be challenging, especially with time running out."

Single player mode includes 100 game boards that players incrementally unlock. High scores and achievements are posted to Game Center when available. Single player games are played in two variations: Dash and Survival. In Dash, players have one minute to find as many words as they can. In Survival, extra time is added to the game clock for each correctly spelled word.

Besides single player mode, Wrackle offers two multiplayer options: Two Player Games and a Daily Challenge. Two Player games allow friends to challenge each other and play the same game board to see who gets the highest score. In the Daily Challenge, all Wrackle users play the same board and try to reach the top of the daily leader board. The players who rank in the top 5 for the day split credits from a progressive jackpot.

Wrackle 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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