WritePad Turns iPads, iPods and iPhones Into a Complete Writing Hub

WritePad for iPad (AppStore Link)
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WritePad for iPad
Developer: PhatWare Corp
Price: $7.99 Download on the App Store

PhatWare Corp., a leading professional software and application developer, is exciting today to announce the release of WritePad 6.7 onto the iTunes App Store. A powerful note taking solution, this utility gives users a single mobile hub that mixes together conventional digital text creation features such as text copy, paste, cut and spell checking options among many others with a unique self-improving handwriting recognition system which learns individual users' writing patterns to be able to better assist them. The result is an intuitive writing platform that redefines how users take notes and write documents. Featuring Microsoft SkyDrive integration and a slew of other note saving and sharing options, WritePad 6.7 is currently available for only $4.99 - down from its normal $9.99 price tag - in celebration of its recent enhancement for a limited time only!

WritePad brings the functionality of conventional text and document creation software and blends them with the on-the-go usability of a touch based note taking platform. Users don't simply have a novel platform to write a few words and play around with their mobile devices - something that inadvertently happens to most if not all gesture based writing apps - instead WritePad enables them to write as deeply as they want to, regardless of whether that's to take notes during lectures or begin writing papers, business documents, and everything in between. Furthermore, now available with the power to save notes and documents to Microsoft SkyDrive, users can rest easy knowing that their hard work will still be there even if for any reason their mobile device isn't. SkyDrive complements WritePad perfectly, giving users the power to safely store all of their created notes the same place right next to photos and other important documents. SkyDrive is a great cloud storage solution for Android and iOS users, and especially helpful for Windows users, where SkyDrive is a built-in functionality. Saving and sharing via Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud and email are available as well.

Thought is what makes users written content valuable at the end, but technology is what helps them get there as intuitively as possible with WritePad. The app boasts inline gesture, spell checking, context analyzing, and shorthand writing recognition features, all of which work regardless of whether users use their finger, a Bluetooth Pressure Stylus, or their devices' digital keyboard to write. Meanwhile a wide array of text, pages, and ink/ font color editing features offered as part of the app's innovative 'Styles' toolbox ensure users can customize their notes exactly how they want to each and every time. Social media integration gives users the power to share notes via Twitter and Facebook with the click of a button as well. With over thirteen global languages supported, and a handwriting recognition system that gets better and better the more its utilized, WritePad is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a complete writing platform even when they can't bring their laptop with them. For more information on WritePad visit website.

WritePad for iPad 6.7 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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