Weather Travel Fashion (WTF) Presents Perfect Packing Ideas

Weather Travel Fashion (WTF) (AppStore Link)
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Weather Travel Fashion (WTF)
Developer: SIVERON, LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Siveron introduces its first app, Weather Travel Fashion (WTF), for iPhone and iPod touch. Based on local weather conditions, WTF presents stylish outfit suggestions from outerwear to shoes. The travel section includes a 3-day forecast and a "must-haves" packing list with weather appropriate items. WTF is ideal for style-seeking men and women, frequent travelers, and anybody who has a hard time figuring out what to wear every morning.

The high quality and engaging design of WTF is by UI designer Leyda Vega Hughes, previous art director at Cartoon Network, and Siveron co-founder and graphic designer Suzi Lee. They created an eye-catching and playful look for WTF. Each clothing item is hand drawn and detail oriented giving the app a unique and whimsical feel. The weather icons, including a ball of yellow yarn as the sun and glass beads for raindrops reflect the fashion theme. 

WTF also provides detailed weather conditions for now, tonight, tomorrow, and the next day based on information from Wunderground. This includes weather info on wind, humidity, UV index, and a summarized description. Users can add multiple cities and check weather in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

One of WTF's great features is the ability to change wardrobes. There are currently two wardrobe collections available on WTF. The Basic Neutral Collection is default and is included in the initial app. The Basic Color Collection uses the same stylish designs but provides several color and pattern combinations adding more depth and variety.

Weather Travel Fashion (WTF) is available through the App Store in the Weather category. Siveron is currently preparing additional collections to be released soon. All additional collections are in-app purchases. Siveron plans to have an Android version of WTF available by spring 2013.

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