Yacha - The viral messenger creates havoc in LA and Dubai


There is a new slick and powerful messaging platform called Yacha that has attracted strong growth in LA and Dubai in its first few days since launch. The free, feature rich application creates truly multimedia messages from audio, text, drawings, photos and video, in any combination, which can be sent as a single message.

What immediately stands out is the Yacha broadcast, which is a public message sent to a user's followers and which is publically displayed on a user's profile. Remarkably almost 32,000 frames were shared on Yacha in three days. What is unique here is that, some frames were 'saved' by users and some disappeared. It is a true viral messaging platform.

Is this also the first semi-ephemeral app? Could this be the next generation mobile twitter? Is this the answer to Facebook's troubled mobile strategy in light of its recent Slingshot at Snapchat? These are all potential possibilities for Yacha. As celebrities join, the app is possibly the most exciting messaging application to launch since Snapchat and Instagram. What is even more staggering is that users don't need friends to receive a message, they simply need to follow other Yacha users. It is easy to see why celebrities have already joined.

Whether users at a concert, sending birthday wishes to friends across the world, or capturing urban adventures, Yacha really does allow them to be as expressive as possible.

"We have changed the parameters of sending and receiving messages to allow for increased content creativity and engagement," says co-founder Eddie Bhatti.

Yacha 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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