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Number Monkeys
Developer: Thomas Peay
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It's back to school time when thousands of youngsters will be heading off to preschool and kindergarten - some for the first time. Are they prepared? We're not talking about ABC's and 123's here; it's about safety. Do they know Mom or Dad's telephone number?

A new app from South Bird Studios, developers of educational apps for children, makes learning a telephone number fun by converting any number into a memorable jingle. With Number Monkeys kids think they're playing a video game; only parents know that the game is actually burning a phone number into their memory.

Parents launch the Number Monkeys app on their iPhone or iPad and follow the setup to enter the 10 digits they want to teach. Number Monkeys then converts their own telephone number into a memorable jingle that kids learn to sing by playing the game. Interactive 3D monkeys encourage even the youngest players to successfully complete the game and watch the monkeys dance to their own custom telephone tune.

"Teaching a phone number to my own kid was difficult, but I felt like it was so important for my daughter to commit my number to memory - especially when she became school age. Number Monkeys makes it easy by turning it into a fun game with a memorable jingle. Now I can't stop my daughter from singing my number because the song is so fun," said Josh Peay, creator of Number Monkeys.

Parents can use Number Monkeys to teach as many telephone numbers as they choose so memorizing home, work or mobile phone numbers becomes a game that children want to play. No personal information is ever collected in Number Monkeys and there are no ads or in-app purchases. It's just a great tool for parents to easily teach a very important thing.

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Worth it!! 5 Stars "My 4 year old is starting pre-k and my husband and I have been trying to teach him my phone number. With this, he learned it in one night! He mostly plays with the monkeys but it plays the jingle with your number in the background and we make it a point to sing the jingle with my number at bed time every night. He can tell me my phone number anytime he is asked. It makes me feel better about sending him to school." - by Nbeauv

Number Monkeys 2.0 is available for $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Education category. Review copies are available upon request.

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  • Concerned Mom

    I have to have this! I'm worried sick about sending my daughter to kindergarten! She has never been out of my sight.