Zombie Blaster! - Blast the Undead Back to Grave in New Action Game

Zombie Blaster! - Fight killer mutants and blast the undead (AppStore Link)
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Zombie Blaster! - Fight killer mutants and blast the undead
Developer: Big Ideas
Price: free Download on the App Store

Big Ideas today is thrilled to introduce Zombie Blaster!, its action-packed shooting game that dares players to fight the bloodthirsty undead in frighteningly realistic 3-D worlds. In 5 exciting levels, players must shoot the invading zombies with their choice of lethal weapon. The large arsenal includes crossbows, flamethrowers, machine guns, and more.

"Blast the undead back to the grave in our new game, Zombie Blaster!," said the game's creators. "We created the game to immerse players in a thrilling world of non-stop action and constant danger."

In the blackness of night, the quiet farming town of Big Corn is suddenly overrun with the walking dead. They are rising from the graveyard to invade the town and destroy all of its residents. Suddenly, flesh-eating zombies are everywhere from the football field to the frat house. The world, as we know it, has ended. As humanity grows weaker, they grow stronger. It is a battle for survival as players arm themselves to defend the town.

Zombie Blaster! brings the undead to life in startlingly realistic graphics and richly detailed environments. A variety of zombie characters were created in 3-D to add to the haunting effect. Players collect zombie heads to upgrade their weapons and unlock all 5 levels of danger. Statistics are shown so zombie hunters can track their success.

Features of the Zombie Blaster! game include:
* Zombie Battles - Destroy evil mutants invading the town
* Exciting Gameplay - Non-stop shooting action in 5 levels
* Realistic 3-D Worlds - Rich "in your face" graphics
* Choose Weapons - Including revolvers, flamethrowers, and rockets

"Exciting gameplay and non-stop action make Zombie Blaster! the new must-play shooter game," the game's creators said. "The only question is, can you survive the zombie apocalypse?"

Zombie Blaster! 1.0 is currently available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category for free. The app will soon be released on Google Play for Android devices and the Amazon Appstore for Kindles.

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