ZombiePanic: Kill the Zombies, Save the Survivors And Don't Panic During the Action

ZombiePanic (AppStore Link)
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Developer: NTAFF Co.,Ltd
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To all those brave souls out there who aren't afraid of the Living Dead, comes a new game launch for iOS. It's called Zombie Panic and it's full of intense, fast-paced action and about a ton of challenges.

ZombiePanic, a recently released action game from Ntaff, offers lots of fast action and tons of challenge for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad gamers. Not for the faint of heart, ZombiePanic features 24 uniquely-designed zombies, more than 30 weapons, 5 possible skill upgrades, varying levels of difficulty, great graphics and Game Center support.

ZombiePanic Gameplay Demo

ZombiePanic contains twenty-four hideously unique zombies, from which some human survivors need to be saved. That's where the player comes in. With a choice of more than thirty weapons, each of which handles differently, along with five available skill upgrades, the player is challenged to save the humans who remain zombie captives.

Of course, the real trick is to kill zombies without killing survivors. Everything happens fast in Zombie Panic, so accidentally gunning down a human being is very, very possible, maybe even likely. All of the characters are hidden behind creepy-looking doors, which the player must open. When whatever is inside comes flying out, there is only a split second to decide whether or not to open fire.

Players can start at the basic, normal level and work their way up to Insane. Yup, and insane it is, complete with Zombie Rush warning. Does that give you a chill? If so, you may want to stay away from this one. If, however, that got your happy gaming heart beating a little faster, you may want to give ZombiePanic a try. The graphics are very cool and it will certainly keep you busy.

These are some of the features in ZombiePanic:

  • Cool, high quality graphics and game concept
  • Various levels of gameplay, from normal to insane
  • Change difficulty level at any time
  • More than 30 different weapons to choose from, each with unique handling and results
  • 5 different skill upgrades available
  • 24 hideously unique zombies to battle
  • Game Center support
  • Tons of fun and challenge!

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