Zoozoo Readables App Launches for iPad and iPhone

Zoozoo Readables HD Lite - by Cavallo Media (AppStore Link)
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Zoozoo Readables HD Lite - by Cavallo Media
Developer: Playrific, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Cavallo Media Group, creators of the Letter Buddies AlphaBooks app for iPad and iPhone, today is pleased to announce the launch of their latest early childhood reading app, Zoozoo Readables for iPad and iPhone. Adapted from the popular education series, Zoozoo Into the Wild, currently used in classrooms across the US and Canada, Zoozoo Readables is a collection of eight humorous animal fiction stories for budding readers, ages 3-6. The stories, brought to life with light animations, feature zoo animals that are most popular with young children. In creating Zoozoo Readables, Cavallo Media included many of the digital features that were popular in the Letter Buddies AlphaBooks app including narration and text highlighting but enhanced the storytelling experience by adding more enriching and interactive art and animation.

"Because these eight stories were originally published for schools across North America, parents will be pleased to know that the books are classroom-tested and created with the help of leading early childhood reading experts," says Kevin Yuen, president of Cavallo Media. "The text is written to be accessible for a variety of early reading levels and uses simple sentence structures to promote a strong reading foundation. Zoozoo Readables is designed to provide confidence for young children who are becoming fluent, independent readers."

Zoozoo Readables 1.0 is now available for sale in the Apple App Store for the both iPad and iPhone. The app offers eight stories featuring the following animals: elephant, frog, giraffe, hippo, lion, orangutan, tiger, zebra. Zoozoo Readables HD for iPad is sold for $2.99 and Zoozoo Readables for the iPhone is priced at $1.99. Two "Lite" versions, one each for the iPad and iPhone, allows users to sample one story - Frog's Play - for free before upgrading to the "Full" versions. To find out more, visit Cavallo Media's website or go to the Apple App Store to search for "Zoozoo Readables".

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