Zwoor Makes Platform for Paperless Meetings More Affordable for Local Governments

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Zwoor Event HD
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paperless board meetings with Zwoor Event App

Hold focused board meetings by going paperless with Zwoor Event, an iOS app that makes it easy to share meeting materials via iPhone and iPad.

For paper hungry Board Meetings, there is good news ahead. What used to be affordable only for Fortune 1,000 Corporate Boards will be made available, starting February 1st , 2012 to School, City, Townships and Community Boards, at very affordable price points, from Paperless Board meeting materials at Board Directors' fingertips, on iPad, Kindle Fire or other fine tablets.

Board Meetings iPad functionality that used to cost several thousand dollars for a corporation will be made available during the month of February at very attractive price points – with plans for a School, Community Board or City Council meeting starting at $19.99, and even free plans, supported by ads.

For the month of February, is announcing an affordable price point for its iPad Board Meetings platform, part of a suite of mobile apps targeted to make business governance meetings paperless and mobile on iPads and Android tablets. From School and Community Boards to Fortune 1000 Corporate Boards, Zwoor Event meets the various needs for handling Board Events. The mobile applications are free to download from the iTunes store, Google Android or Amazon Android Marketplace. The subscription model for a Board meeting can be completely free for a Board Meeting, if ad supported.

The Zwoor Event app puts all Board Meeting materials, including agenda, logistics, speaker bios, meeting materials at the board members and Directors' fingertip, on their mobile device. Be that an iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or an Android tablet or phone, the content is available online or offline. Once the content is synched, all materials are contained on the tablet – no connection required, even in an airplane. Real time feedback and rating of the topic is included in each agenda item, allowing a Board member to provide instant comments directly from the mobile app. All the materials are easily uploaded by the Board Meeting planner or designated executive secretaries or by the agenda owner directly, via a simple to use browser interface at

Zwoor Event has several app security formats, from Community, Township or City Boards to School Board meeting materials intended to be shared publicly, to a Company or department meeting restricted to the company employees, to Corporate Board Meeting highly restricted data, where the materials distribution is tightly controlled and uniquely identified.

“ provides to Board Meeting organizers an easy to use platform to distribute the Board materials to the participants' mobile devices, be that iPads, iPhones or Android tablets, in a secured way. We also offer an easy way to vote real time, in a secured and controlled way, during the Board meetings, all via mobile devices. No more paper printing, and out-of-date information. Just an engaging and focused Board meeting, for brilliant business results and crisp strategy formation. Paperless, real-time, efficient .” said Ken Burns, External Relations,

For more sophisticated surveys of the audience, the Zwoor Survey app allows the creation and distribution of surveys, online or offline. The library of templates speeds up the creation of high quality surveys, be that for capturing intent to buy during product demos, or customer satisfaction in a trade show, conference or department meeting. Real time results sharing creates dialog, and increases the relevancy of the conversation.

Both Zwoor Event and Zwoor Survey have free versions available, and are available for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad and the Android devices. For more information, visit

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