Another App Rejected for "Duplicating Apple Functionality"


Developer Angelo DiNardi reports in his blog that his mail-consolidation app "MailWrangler" was rejected from the App Store with the following explanation:

… Your application duplicates the functionality of the built-in iPhone application Mail without providing sufficient differentiation or added functionality, which will lead to user confusion. …

MailWranger seems to be a partial iPhone implementation of MailPlane, a genuinely useful program for heavy mac gmail users. Its really unbelievable to us that Apple continues its policy of rejecting any app that even remotely infringes on core OS territory, while allowing unlimited numbers of pointless flashlight and lighter apps.

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  • sky

    Well, for any problems and questions I've had about the iPhone dev program I've called iTunes Developer Support at 1-800-633-2152, a number which I found with quite a bit of digging! They've been able to answer pretty much every inquiry I've had thus far, and that number is not a public tech support line so there usually isn't any hold time.