App store Month 4: The Beast has Evolved


Its now been just a little over 4 months since the launch of the App Store, and it feels that the platform is starting to reach a new stage of evolution. Here are a few signs of the new world order:

1. Multiplayer apps have arrived. Originally, Multiplayer on the iPhone meant having to be on the same Wifi network. Not any more. Apps like Zynga's Live Poker have brought true Yahoo Games type multiplayer experience to the iPhone. Play with anybody, anytime, anywhere.

2. Apps are becoming increasingly creative. Nobody would have predicted 4 months ago using the iPhone as a musical instrument. But Smule's Ocarina has done just that -- and is now the number one paid app on the iPhone store. Google's mobile app allows you to talk into your iPhone and get immediate search results. Just when you think that everything has been done, new uses of the mobile platform emerge.

3. iPhone is the winner. Android is a failure. Blackberry's "App Store Knockoff" is sure to be a letdown. Its clear (to us at least) that Apple has secured the prize and will only get stronger.

4. Some things still haven't been addressed. Amazingly background processes, the ability to do video, cut and paste and various other glaring problems with the iPhone still haven't been fixed. With the year almost over, and January Macworld approaching, it seems we will have to wait for 2009 for software 3.0

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  • DexMex77892

    Leave it to Apple to always be coming up with bigger and better ..constantly!

  • DominoFect

    I can't wait for version 3.0

    So many cool things are going to be released with that update

  • MaxxineStamos

    Apple and Google should just fight it out for who's the best

  • Bob

    MMS? Flash?

  • Jason Isbell

    Android is a failure?

    I'm not sure where you get that. The G1 seems to be doing pretty well, and everyone I know who has one likes it, and it's open source, so it's going to get more interesting fast...

    My likelihood of visiting your site again just tanked. I'm not sure I can trust your writers judgement if they're unmitigated apple fanbois.....