Appcraver Update: New Editors' Picks Section


screen shot of editor's picks

Lots of changes at Appcraver. We're proud to present our new updated Editors' Picks tab. In this area of the site, we'll showcase apps that we think are particularily worthy -- things that we think you should at least try out and probably will want to keep in your iPhone's permanent collection.

We're also working on a Top Free Apps page. We realize that a lot of you are on a tight budget -- this page represents our selection of the best apps available free of charge.

The team at Appcraver hopes you will enjoy the new additions!

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  • Evan

    Looks great. Really easy/clean way to view all the picks.

  • jeremy

    Looks like a very clean layout, but I think there's a bug because the layout is completely broken at the moment, content is every which way. I imagine you're probably just making some last minute changes :)

    (firefox 3 and safari 3 on the mac)

  • Barbara

    Thanks for the bug report Jeremy.