Apple's App Store: Counting Success by the Numbers


apple app store downloadsApple's App Store has just hit yet another astonishing milestone: As of January 15, the number of apps downloaded from the App Store exceeded 500 million. That's an increase of 60 percent from Dec. 5 when Apple announced 300 million apps were pulled off the App Store's shelves. Here's a look at the App Store by the numbers:

15,000: Apps in the App Store in mid-January2009

500: Apps in the App Store in mid-July 2008

100 million: Apps downloaded from the App Store as of the first week of September

4.8 million: Apps downloaded each day

30 percent: Amount Apple receives on gross sales of apps through the App Store

$1 billion: Annual profit investment banker Piper Jaffray predicts Apple will generate through the App Store

$100 million: Amount Apple donated to iFund to support iPhone and iPod touch app development

16.6 percent: iPhone's worldwide smartphone market share, second only to that of Nokia

July 10, 2008: Date the App Store's opened

1st, 2nd and 5th: Spots the iPod touch holds on Amazon's MP3 best-seller list for 2008

36: Hours of continuous audio playback supported by the iPod touch's battery

Jan. 9, 2007: Date Apple announced the iPhone.

38,000: iFart Mobile apps sold on Christmas 2008, according to the developer

77 million: iPhones Generator Research predicts Apple will sell in 2013

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    Some Apple App Store numbers - interesting

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    Apple’s App Store: Counting Success by the Numbers