Apple Keynote Video now on the Web


apple keynote let's rock ipod eventHere is the link to the Apple Keynote Video

More highlights:

1 min - 3,000 total apps in the AppStore

3min - 65,000,000 accounts with credit cards on iTunes. Apple is the largest overall music distributor. Period. NBC now back on iTunes - also in HD at $2.99 a show.

5min - iTunes8 available today. "Genius Mode" -- creates playlists that go together -- sort of Pandora but for your existing library

15min - cumulatively 160MM ipods sold to date

17min - new ipod Nano. thinner, sexier.

27min - new headphones

33min - ipod touch / iphone coverage begins. 100mm apps downloaded in 60 days.

38min - spore demo. easily the most impressive app to date.

48min - iPhone 2.1 details. "significantly better battery life" "backing up dramatically faster"

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  • Rick

    Time stamps are very helpful. Thanks for the brief post where everywhere else on the web they are taking pages to do what you did in a few lines. Gracias!