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apple remote 1.1 - iphone appsThe Apple Remote app has always been one of our favorite all around apps. As of last week, it has been upgraded to version 1.1, and now fully supports the new "Genius Mode" of iTunes 8. We can now give it the perfect 10/10 rating.

For those who still haven't downloaded the remote, the idea is as follows. Using your home wifi network, your iPhone can act as a controller for your home Stereo system. Simply plug your laptop into the aux or CD output of your receiver, and then using your iPhone (untethered and from any distance), control your music choices.

The only issue up until now was playlists. No matter how many playlists you have, they get quickly old. For that reason, AppCraver wondered if there couldn't be some way of melding the Pandora and Remote apps. Now with the new Genius mode of iTunes 8; there is.

Genius will create a "Pandora like" playlist from your any of your existing songs on the fly. Now at your next party, just ask someone what they want to hear, and start a search through your music library for songs of the same genre. Its amazing what you will find in your own music collection...

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  • bobadzilla

    this is THE BEST APP

  • Berke

    this is just great. so nice that you can change the songs from your comfortable seat. so stylish.

  • bill kapra

    Hellooo, nice but an obvious flaw!

    I like to listen to my music song-by-song. I want the remote to be able to queue up the next several songs to play.

    In other words, I want to search my libary while music is playing and add songs that I like to the 'now playing' list. So far, I can't do this.

    PLEASE APPLE, get this right.