App Store eliminates aggregate categories


The App Store has eliminated the aggregate "All iPhone" apps category -- making it more difficult to determine what the new apps are. As iPhoneAtlas notes:

“Without (these categories), now you really can’t browse the entire library anymore, seeing what has just been added, upgraded, etc. Now you are being forced to look at the individual categories making it really easy to miss something. This makes it very hard to keep on top of everything. This is awful. WHY did they remove them?”

Don't worry. At AppCraver we regularly scour all categories, bringing you the best and newest in iPhone applications.

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  • Veidt

    What a god-awful idea. What is Apple's thinking here?

  • BobWillamson

    This is to prevent developers from abusing the system. See coverage here:

  • Josh H

    I agree, this feature is horrible. I liked the old way better, that way I could see what was just added. Now it is much harder. : (

  • Jayde32

    Why would they do that!!


    We bring a new suggestion to the table regardless of category at least every day. Thank God you have sites like these to add to your RSS feedreaders.