Aqua Forest Fires up App Game

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Aqua ForestPart puzzle game and part digital play dough, OctiveEngine’s Aqua Forest may be stepping up the app game stakes. Aqua Forest is a 2D physics based game that allows you to let elements interact with the world to the limits of your imagination.

Open Aqua Forest and you’re greeted with the vibrant relaxing sounds of the rain forest. In "Free" mode there are various tools which produce everything from water, to ice and fire.

Test out Free mode and let your mind run wild. Create a plethora of shapes and objects. Draw a fountain and add a geyser. Watch the water rush to the top. Draw a wooden table and light it on fire. Tilt the screen and watch the fire flow all over the screen. Draw water on to the screen and watch the steam rise as the water and fire collide. But the action doesn’t stop there; Aqua Forest Puzzle mode has five categories with more than 10 puzzles each. 

Aqua Forest will dazzle and amaze you. It’s chalked full of rich and vibrant colors and has enough action to keep you interested. Users will notice that Aqua Forest takes full advantage of the iPhone hardware to create a truly unique experience. However, it does fall flat in a couple of places.

If you add too many elements on the screen you’ll quickly notice the app becomes terribly slow and might even freeze. The puzzles don’t feel like puzzles as much as they feel like small demonstrations on how to use the app with the given elements and scenarios.

While it would be regrettable to offer an app with this much interest for just 99 cents it feels overpriced at $7.99. Updates to Aqua Forest will hopefully include a boost in content. Super curious AppCraver’s can head over to YouTube to check out the official company video demo.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • mrkgoo

    Stepping up the app game stakes? I believe this game has been out since the appstore launched. It has had one update, and that was to improve performance (which incidentally meant lowering detail).