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Aqua Punt
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Playtoniq’s Aqua Punt is a throw back to those old plastic water-filled games that use streams of air to propel balls up, over and into a hoop or basket.  This app for your iPhone has replicated the feel of those games so well — right down to the feeling that I have no desire to waste my time with such cheap nonsense. Also, like those old games this one sucks you right in and before you know it you’re playing with a desire to score as many points as possible.

With the Aqua Punt you have seven football’s (four with Aqua Punt Lite), and three goal posts. By pushing buttons on your screen the football’s float upward. While the football’s float you can also tilt your iPhone to help guide them through the goals. The top goal is worth three points while the two lower goals are worth one point apiece.

Aqua Punt offers you quite a few options including sound effects, simulated bubbles, multiple timed play drills, free play unlimited time, and online high scores.

While Aqua Punt is simple and requires little skill it can become somewhat addicting. You can easily find yourself killing 10 minutes in no time. If you are into those retro games you’ll probably really enjoy Aqua Punt. If not you’re more likely to come back every now and then when you have a couple of minutes to kill and just want to zone out for a little.

Aqua Punt is a nice replication of those old plastic water-filled games of the past. Although it’s not one that I see myself spending a lot of time playing, I’m sure there are times when I just need some mindless fun. For those times in my week Aqua Punt fills the void.

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