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Armado HD
Developer: Tricky Software
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armado lite iphoneArmado by Tricky Software, developers of Spore Origins, is a fully animated adventure game where you play as Armado, a cute but tough armadillo.

For the most part Armado is not as big on back story as some adventure games tend to be and what you gather from the brief clips in the opening is just about all you are going to get to begin your journey. But basically, Armado's quest is to put eggs into nests before time runs out and they die.

As Armado climbs up and down the mountains to deliver the eggs to the nests at the top he has to jump over logs and streams while dodging falling rocks and evading attacks by various villainous creatures. Maneuvering through Armado is really straightforward, tilt forward to move forward, back to move backwards, and tap the screen to jump. On the main screen you also have a visible energy line that will be depleted with each rock or log or ant that you crash into. There is also a 'spin bar' that will allow you to accelerate a bit by tilting the screen farther down one way or the other.

Along his journey there are a number of things that will help him such as magic rings, gems and multipliers. Each of the various magic rings will allow Armado to do different things for the short period of time that he is wearing them. The four different types of gems that you can collect each give different amounts of points and every gem collected will also help replenish your spin bar a little bit. Lastly, the three types of multipliers will simply multiply your points by whatever factor you run into.

Packed with a host of different 3D environments and visual effects Armado is perfect for anyone who enjoys adventure games. And, with the added feature of being able to post high scores on the online leader-boards, Armado lets true gamers see how they rank among fellow adventurers with just one touch.

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